The Best Grass for Dogs!!

The Best Grass for Dogs!!
Green grass is the best groundcover for many pets. It’s mushy to the touch, presenting zero toxicity issues, and if you trim and mow it frequently- many pests and ticks may go homeless because it won’t be a shelter for them anymore.

If you have an energetic pet in your house, it might damage your lawn by its frequent rolls and rounds. So you must be extra careful while choosing the turf that might have a high tolerance for wear and its maintenance.

If you desire to keep your lawn healthy with dogs, do extensive research before laying new grass in your backyard. Also, keep the factors in mind that can cause damage to your backyard and how you can treat that damage if it ever occurs to your lawn.

Let’s see how even pets can harm the beauty and health of the lawn.

How pets can cause damage to your lawn

The Best Grass for Dogs

Dog’s play

Pets love to spend more and more time rolling and playing on the grass. They run across the lawns leaving bald and brown patches in the backyard. Digging lawns and soft earth is their favorite hobby, but this can make the house owner run into many problems.

Dog urine:

Pets can also cause damage by peeing on the grass. Urine contains a large amount of nitrogen. And when your pet urinates on the grass of your lawn, it can burn the grass and leave yellow-colored patches on the turf.

Dogs are carnivores

Dogs are carnivores. Their innate habit of chewing grass can damage the beauty and overall health of the grass. It’s not unusual for animals to do so, it can have detrimental effects on the grass.

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When your pet chews the grass, it not only causes yellow spots on your lawn but also spoils the overall look of the backyard.

No matter what type of grass you use on your lawn, your pet is sure to damage it no matter what.

Dog feces

Dog feces are another reason that mars the exquisiteness of the backyard. It also affects the physical condition of the lawn.

Although it works as a fertilizer, too much feces can cause nitrogen overload. These feces contain parasites and harmful worms that are a grave threat to both our pets and children.

Although dogs love to get in the grass, they might leave an impact on the health and condition of your grass. It’s necessary to keep your dog happy and your grass healthy at the same time, no matter what the dog throws at it. Here are some best grass options that can serve both purposes.

The Best Grass for Dogs: Tough Grasses That Can survive Dogs’ wear and tear

Now the question arises of what the best grass for dogs is. Many lawn care experts suggest different kinds of grasses that are tougher enough to stand heavy paw traffic, rounds and rolls, digging, and even peeing. Here are some of them:


Bermuda is ranked as the best grass for yard with dogs. It is widely used in warm climates, and it hardly requires supplemental irrigation. Bermuda grass is the best grass seed for high-traffic areas as it can endure your pet’s paws quite well.

When the temperature drops, Bermuda grass turns brown but comes back to life when the warm weather returns. Unlike other grasses, it doesn’t die. So, Bermuda grass is the best grass for dogs.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is one of the toughest grasses, and it grows in most growing locations. It can adapt to shady conditions. It has limited shade tolerance and grows well in shady areas. It is hard, grows rapidly, has cold tolerance, and can recover fast after being walked over. All this makes it the best choice for many lawn and dogs lovers. It is also attractive in color which provides it additional value.

Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass usually has a sturdy root system, and it grows quite quickly. It is well suited to cool climates and is one of the best grasses for dogs. This quality grass germinates fast and establishes quickly, and it makes it the best choice for both temporary and permanent lawns. It grows lush green in suitable regions where growing conditions are favorable and maintains its beauty and color during winter. Perennial ryegrass is what you need for your backyard.

Kikuyu Grass

Kikuyu grass grows fast, and it can be the right choice for houses with dogs. The grass repairs quickly when walked over. But you have to keep an eye on the grass for not letting it grow near flower beds. It has another quality that it is drought tolerant. Its soft blades feel soft underfoot. Make sure you don’t lay it in the shady areas. It is the perfect choice for gardens that enjoy plenty of sunshine.

Couch Grass

Here comes another kind of grass that is best suited for houses with dogs. Couch grass has great tolerance, and it can endure high levels of wear. It grows well in sunshine and can handle drought as well. Couch grass loves sunlight and heat quite like Kikuyu, but its growth slows in shady areas. You must plant this grass in the areas where it can get plenty of sunshine. Make sure you don’t forget it after planting it because it grows fast and can grow around flower beds.

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia is a thick-growing grass and is well-suited for backyards with dogs. It can tolerate lawn traffic, but it doesn’t grow so fast. Less growth means less mowing. Since it grows slow, it takes a lot of time to creep over grassless areas. It is well-suited for shady areas.

Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy &Safe and Your Grass Healthy

Whatever type of grass you choose to lay in your backyard, there are a lot of things you can do to help keep your lawn look beautiful. Here are some tips:

Hose down the Dog’s Pee

You can minimize the damage by washing the area where your dog pees. The effects of nitrogen-rich pee will go away as soon as you cleanse the pee. Another way to reduce the chances of damage is to take your dog for a walk twice a day so that your pet can flush out this nitrogen-contained pee somewhere other than the yard.

That is how you can save your lawn and keep your dog happy and healthy simultaneously.

Remove Your Dog’s Excrement

A dog’s poop is not only unhealthy but also has a very pungent smell. Like dog pee, it also has a large amount of nitrogen that can cause serious health issues to both the family members and your pet. You have to be very careful regarding the cleanliness of your backyard. You must remove the feces as soon as your dog poops. Clean the yard regularly and dispose of dog feces regularly to keep your lawn and dog healthy.

Educate Your Dog To Run Over The Full Yard

If you teach your dog to use the full yard instead of jamming in one area only, the grass will get a chance to recover soon. It will keep your dog healthier to run around the yard and enjoy itself. Although it’s difficult to train your dog this way, you can give it a try at least.

Don’t Let Your Dog Go Into The Yard When You Spray It With Chemicals

There can be harmful worms, herbicides, and pesticides in the yard, and you have to spray some chemicals to shoo them away to keep your lawn healthy. You have to remain very vigilant while doing so. Keep an eye on the dog not to roll in or eat organic fertilizer as it can cause serious health issues. You must read and follow the instructions mentioned on the chemical bags and keep the dog off the yard for the time recommended.


Dogs love grass as it is their natural habitat. They can play, run, roll, and enjoy themselves by being in the grass. They also use the grass to pee and defecate. Now it’s entirely up to you what kind of grass you opt for in your backyard that may keep your dog and lawn healthy and happy. Some of the grasses mentioned above are the best grasses for dogs. Try to lay that kind of grass that has much tolerance and fast recovery quality.

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